Macadamia grove, long view

Shipping: As we crack your macadamia nuts to order, we request two days from order confirmation to ship date. If there will be a delay, we'll let you know. We ship via USPS exclusively and happily ship to APO/FPO addresses.  While we are willing and able to ship abroad, the cost associated makes our product much more expensive than what you might find at a local retailer.  We're happy to be a gourmet treat, but we prefer to be an affordable staple. 

Please be aware that our online shipping calculator is very inaccurate and we apologize for the confusion.  Using regional rate or flat rate shipping, we can ship up to five pounds of nuts anywhere in the country for under $10.00 and routinely refund overcharges to the customer on the shipping date. 

Returns: Please contact us if there is a problem with your order; we aim to please and are confident in the quality of our product. If any portion of the product is unsatisfactory upon arrival, we will issue a credit toward future purchases or a refund, at our discretion.  Any and all refunds will be credited back to the original card used for purchase.  If your macs are damaged during shipping, we need to know immediately in order to file a claim with the relevant company.


Storage: PLEASE READ! This is direct from the late Mr. Tom Cooper, the macadamia pioneer who planted our grove: “We store the nutmeats in gallon size ziplock plastic bags... and find that the gallon size holds five pounds of product which then is easily stored in your freezer. Place the nutmeats in your freezer and they will have a life of over five years and retain the "off the tree" freshness. When removing from the freezer, take only the amount of nutmeats you plan to use, place these immediately into another airtight container and allow an hour or so to adjust to room temperature, then these nutmeats will be ready to use. The reason is that the frozen nutmeats removed from the freezer and placed in an open container will rehydrate and immediately become soggy and less flavorful. The term for the product (when following the above advice) is raw, and edible."

It's pretty simple. We use glass canning jars and old peanut butter jars at home. For long term storage (six months to five years), you can fit about one pound into a one-quart canning jar (or five pounds into a one-gallon Ziplock) in your freezer. For medium term (up to six months), they will be fine in an airtight bag, jar or food storage container in your pantry. Keep a smaller container (like the peanut butter jar mentioned above) for snacking so you're not repeatedly opening your larger stash and exposing it to ambient humidity.  After refilling your snack jar with frozen nuts, make sure the newly-filled jar stays closed for an hour or so prior to munching to prevent the nuts from absorbing moisture from the environment.  

Privacy: Our privacy policy could not be more simple; we would only share your information if required by law to do so.  Though we like to kid around, we take personal privacy seriously and will treat yours with the same care.  For this reason, we do not accept sales over the telephone.  Please call or email us with any concerns or questions but only enter your personal information via our secure online store.