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One of us is a surfer-cowboy-farmer. The other one is a health nut. Together, we pamper our macs from branch to box and we know that once you taste them, you'll be nuts about them, too.

We bought "the nuthouse" in 2009, closing escrow just as harvest was beginning. It's been a whirlwind of macadamia tutorials and childrearing ever since. Our grove has a unique history and we're pleased to pick up where one of the early macadamia pioneers of California left off. 

It started back in 1968 when Fallbrook was still just a small farming community; the late Tom Cooper and his family acquired the property and planted a small orchard and farm. As their family grew, they expanded the home and developed Cooper's Nut House and Rancho Nuez Nursery. Tom's wife, Cindy, seemed to be forever sorting nutmeats from shells and, in her spare time, planted and tended an outstandingly beautiful garden, of which a few bones remain.  Over the course of his four decade career, Tom estimated he grew and sold almost a quarter million macadamia trees. Eventually, Tom turned to other persuits and spent the remainder of his days as an organic certifier in Northern California.

Our orchard is located on a four and one-half acre plot of land with nearly 400 Macadamia trees, many of which are now over 40 years old and produce close to 10,000 pounds of nuts-in-shell annually. This orchard was the only undedicated research station in the mainland USA and is home to 38 varieties of Macadamia trees. Varieties from Australia, Hawaii, Israel, Costa Rica, Mexico, and California were under examination. We've salvaged what we have of Tom's records and hope that more surface someday, rehabilitated the grove and are the second family to raise our little crop in this home. 

Our transitional organic macadamia nuts are absolutely raw, unadulterated and suitable for those on a variety of specialized diets such as: the SCD, GAPS diet, Paleolithic diet, Primal diet, gluten-free, grain-free, GF-CF and those cooking for people on the autism spectrum (ASD).  Within the coming year we expect to begin grafting and reproducing exotic varieties of macadamia trees suitable for your little slice of paradise, if you're nuts about macs, too.