Macadamia Library

pink bloom up close

During the four decades of his macadamia career, Mr. Cooper gathered and disseminated information about macadamia propagation and care. This library is the result of an accumulation of articles within 45 years of California Macadamia Society yearbooks as well as other sources. More complete detail of authors and subjects exist in each article as you access them. It was his wish to make useful technical and historical information available to the public on the subject of Macadamia, and it is our wish to continue his efforts. In that spirit, if you have any information you'd like us to include in his library, we welcome your submission for consideration.

Thank you, Scott and Rina Liles and the late Thompson H. (Tom) Cooper V

NOTE:  Only about 1/3 of the articles on file have been listed thus far.  When the children nap in tandem, I add a few more, or sometimes I work on a mac recipe.



An Old Macadamia Tree

Anatomy of Macadamia Seedlings

Assessment of Macadamia Selections Based on Nut Quality

The Australian Introductions

Axillary Buds Sprouting in Macadamia Induced by Two Cytokinins and a Growth Inhibitor

Beaumont: A New Dual Purpose Macadamia Variety

Biochemical Relationships in Chlorotic Leaves

Carbohydrate Buildup in Girdled Wood

Chlorosis in Macadamia

Common Problems of Macadamia Trees in Hawaii

Comparison of Potting Mixes

Cultural Observations of Macadamia in Hawaii

Development and Evaluation of Macadamia Nut Varieties

Development of Macadamia Nut Cultivars in Hawaii

Diet, Cholesterol and Heart Health

A Note on Germinating Macadamia Seeds