The freshest, tastiest Mac nuts I've had in many many years; growing up with a Mac nut and pecan orchard on campus made me almost unable to eat regular store bought nuts. These are a delightful reminder of how good and delicious nuts can be
These Macadamias are fantastic! They are the best! And I have bought many from several different companies and including Nut.com, which has been one of my favorites until now. These Macadamias from CaliMac Nut Company are perfect in every way and have such a rich sweet taste to them. I personally have to soak all raw nuts that I am going to eat for easier digestion and usually the nuts lose something in that process. But these Macadamias from CaliMac nut retained a wonderful sweet rich taste even after soaking and then re-adding water and squeezing it to death to make milk. These Macadamias make a wonderful rich tasting milk, which I can use to make my wonderful Clam Chowder soup with. I also want to encourage those on the SCD Diet, who can’t have real cow’s milk; these macadamias make a wonderful replacement for cows milk such as in clam chowder soup. I personally am on the SCD Diet and these Macadamia have been a great find. Thank you Rina for sharing your wonderful grove of Macadamias with us.

Best of Wishes to you,
Cathi G.
Ventura, CA

PS: I am going to place another order now, before you run out. :-)
Cathi Gross, Ventura, CA
"The nuts are just perfect . . . very fresh, large, sweet, crunchy and with no "off taste" as you often find with nuts that have been sitting in the bin at the grocery store.

I am on the highly sensitive end of the spectrum of people on SCD and so am always very cautious about consuming anything I didn't make myself and especially anything that might contain even a whisper of starch. Your macadamias are clearly unadulterated in any way and I have been eating a handful nearly every day with no ill effect."
Ms. Nan Wolf, American Red Cross

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